Melbourne Avenue, Whitfield, Dover, Kent, CT16 2EG
Learning to believe, learning to succeed.
Vision & Values:


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Our vision at Dover Christ Church Academy is that all students, regardless of academic background, receive a rich and broad education preparing them for higher education or employment.

We believe in inclusive education, that is not narrowed for students of any ability. We have built our curriculum around the demographic of students we serve and believe that it is essential that our holistic education model encourages them to be aspirational in their personal goals.

Enveloping our aspirational curriculum offer are a wide range of enrichment opportunities, that have been developed to support student’s wider growth, academic performance and personal development.

Our 7 Year Learning Journey has been designed to complement the development of the ‘whole student’ and support each individual into the career or ongoing educational opportunity of their choice. Our ongoing success with students entering meaningful employment or continuing into Higher Education evidences that the curriculum design offers real opportunities for social mobility.

Aspen 2 sits at the heart of our community as a Specialist school within a main school setting. With a bespoke curriculum catering to each students’ individual needs, Aspen 2 ensures that Dover Christ Church Academy is a fully inclusive school in which all students are truly valued.

Family is at the heart of Dover Christ Church Academy. We are a caring and friendly school who believe that pastoral support and student wellbeing is at the heart of all educational experiences.


  • The development of the whole person, respecting and nurturing the inherent dignity and potential of each individual.
  • The development and delivery of excellent teaching and learning.
  • The power of education and lifelong learning to transform individuals, communities and nations.
  • Our friendly, inclusive and professional community of students, staff and families preparing individuals to contribute to a just and sustainable future.

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Learning to believe, learning to succeed.