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Learning to believe, learning to succeed.

All students come to school to learn and therefore all students and parents sign a home/school agreement before becoming part of the Academy community. In becoming a member of our community, students, parents and staff are expected to contribute effectively towards making this a place where all staff and students have a right to believe in themselves and succeed every day.

We would like to draw your attention to the requirements of being ‘Ready to Learn’. As students grow we aim to promote their moral development and if they make mistakes along the way, staff will provide them with choices to allow them to put things right. This enables our students to recognise the difference between right and wrong, as well as understanding that there are consequences to their behaviours and actions.

As parents it is essential you play your part in maintaining the high expectations for behaviour. This not only helps to promote British Values but also prepares students for the world of work.

Students at the Academy need to turn up every morning ready to work and learn.

Ready to Work and Learn?

You should: arrive on time, sit where you are asked to sit, have your pen, pencil, ruler, rubber and planner out on the desk, bring with you the books and work you need (including any home learning) and sit quietly waiting for the lesson to begin.

Getting it right.

We all make mistakes from time to time. The important thing is to make sure we put it right. If your behaviour is not right in class, you may be: reminded to behave more appropriately, given a verbal warning, issued with a detention, sent to the Head of Faculty. The ‘On call’ team may help you to make the right choice and put things right.


If you’re getting it right, you will be praised and encouraged. You may get: a comment written in your planner, a reward sticker, your teacher congratulating you in front of the class, an achievement logged on Sims, a phonecall home, a postcard home, a Principal’s certificate at the end of term, a trophy and certificate at prize giving, a place on a reward trip.

Taking responsibility

If you’re not getting it right various sanction may be put in place. Behaviour logs will be recorded on Sims and these are discussed with parents, detentions are given and Reports may be issued to support you to get back on track.

Learning to believe, learning to succeed.