Working in Partnership:

We believe that relevant partnerships can play an important part in the role of the Academy. We have put a number of these in place already, and are committed to making others happen for the benefit of the students and the local community.

With primary schools
Our aim is to ease the transition for Year 6 pupils when they come to the Academy, so we work with relevant primary schools to help us achieve this in a variety of ways. These include arranging for children to visit us, doing joint projects with the schools and having teachers move between the schools to help the transition process.

With students
It is important that we know what the students think, and we provide a range of ways in which they can be heard. For a start, there is an Academy Student Council. We have a Head Boy and Head Girl who meet with the Principal every fortnight to discuss important issues for children in the Academy affecting their education and welfare. Students also have a voice through the Governing Body and can attend appropriate parts of its meetings.

With parents
We believe that young people develop quicker and learn most successfully when the Academy and the home work together. It is vital that parents feel involved and informed about their children's education. We will therefore send progress statements home at the end of every term and regularly welcome parents to come and meet with their child's teachers or tutor.

With our sponsors
The sponsors are all committed to providing long-term support in a variety of ways at the Academy. Together, they can draw on their extensive skills and expertise in the fields of education, research, business and organisational leadership to help the Academy. Find out more about our sponsors.

With local businesses
We want to provide opportunities for children to understand the world of work. We will continue with the already successful Careers Academy, as well as providing other options. We believe that working relationships with local businesses can also offer these companies a cost effective way to support both their own growth and the education of young people.