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Special Educational Needs:

At Dover Christ Church Academy we embrace the ethos of inclusion. We believe that every child in our Academy should be encouraged, supported, and challenged to reach their full potential. We strive to create a community where students feel safe, valued, respected and have their voices heard, whatever their needs or abilities.

The key focus of this policy is to set out how we support students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities at Dover Christ Church Academy. This policy reflects the SEND Code of Practice guidance

We are fully committed to providing the most appropriate support and intervention for each student with AEND. We work collaboratively with parents / carers and a range of external partners, in order to ensure students with AEND are identified, supported and included in all aspects of academy life, which is outlined in our Graduated Approach.

In our Graduated Approach we focus on delivering high quality teaching, enabling all learners to achieve in the classroom through differentiation and utilising the guidance set out in the Kent Mainstream Core Standards. Learners with AEND are fully included in the Academy’s improvement cycle of analysis, action, evaluation and review, in order to build sustainable progress. Within this context, students with special educational needs will:

  • Be set suitable learning challenges with access to a broad and balanced curriculum, including the National Curriculum and Key Stage 4 options.

  • Be the responsibility of all staff who will respond to students’ diverse learning needs and help students overcome potential barriers to learning.

  • Ensure that all staff are aware of the needs of our students and have a range of strategies that can support their needs.

  • Be given help and guidance to prepare for adulthood, including independent and life skills.

In addition, our academy will support students with AEND by:

  • Partnership with parents / carers plays a vital role within our school and communication is key for their child to reach their full potential. Our school endeavours to support parents / carers through adjustments that are needed to support their child.

  • AEND students have full access to all school activities.

  • For any child with an EHC plan or Statement, our school will work with parents /carers, but most importantly listen to student voices. This communication and information will be used to fully understand the needs of the students. This information will then be used to develop a passport that provides strategies to help support the student’s needs.

  • Ensure that a student with AEND joins in the activities of the school together with students who do not have AEND if he/she wishes to.

Teachers are on the front line in supporting all our students. Dover Christ Church Academy teachers are accountable and responsible for the progress of the students in their class. Teachers deliver high quality lessons through differentiated, scaffolded and well thought out lesson plans, to aid the needs of all our students within our educational environment. All Dover Christ Church Academy staff are provided with detailed AEN information and a variety of strategies that can be utilised to support a range of needs.

It is not assumed that a student has additional educational needs just because they have fallen behind with their learning. For any learner who does fall behind, the appropriate provision and interventions are put in place to reduce gaps in their learning. Targeted intervention is available for groups of students with emotional, social, or mental health issues. We also provide supervised provision during breaks and lunchtimes for students who require support during unstructured periods.

The Academy recognises the importance of positive relationships with parents / carers of all students with additional needs. The revised AEN Code of Practice emphasises the importance of positive, supportive attitudes to parents / carers and user-friendly information and procedures. All professionals working in the Academy will make every effort to ensure effective communication with parents.

The AENCo (Mr D Michael) is a qualified teacher and has been awarded the National Award for SEN Coordination. The AENCo, with the support of the AEN administrator, is responsible for the day-to-day support required for our AEN students.

All staff within the Academy are expected to help parents / carers understand how to contribute effectively to their child’s education and will make every effort to ensure that parents / carers understand their rights and responsibilities. All relevant information will be provided in a way for all to understand and respond to.

If you wish to contact the SEND department call the Academy on 01304 820126 and ask for the SEND department or you can email:

Mr Michael (
Mrs L Humphries (

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