Extracurricular Activities:

Taking Part Outside the Classroom

We recognise that success does not just take place in the classroom and we value and encourage participation in a wide range of activities outside of normal lessons. These include sports, music, arts and cookery.

Extracurricular sports include football, rugby, basketball, table tennis, cricket, athletics, rounders and trampolining and we promote involvement in national and local competitions.

The Music specialism features prominently, while the choice in performing arts include drama, dance and more. There also activities based on the visual arts, such as pottery, photography and art.

Students also visit theatres, concerts, cinemas and art galleries, and take part in music and drama productions. Visiting speakers and workshops in Art, Drama, Music and English all help to widen the curriculum. The Academy newsletter publishes the dates and times of these activities at the beginning of September, January and April.

There are also a significant number of clubs and activities across the full range of subject areas. In these, students receive extra support with course work, homework and revision. The Library is also open to students after school.

The school has been recognised by the Every Child matters Quality Mark for the quality of its extra-curricular activities.