Melbourne Avenue, Whitfield, Dover, Kent, CT16 2EG
Learning to believe, learning to succeed.
Our Community:

The values of respect, loyalty, integrity and international mindedness relate to everyone in the Academy including all staff, students, sponsors and governors.

The ethos of the Academy enables students to develop personal responsibility and self-discipline. High levels of attendance, punctuality and excellent behaviour are expected.

Our Students:

Every student at the Academy is:

  • Valued as unique, special and gifted individuals.
  • Given every opportunity to learn and develop in a caring and supportive environment.
  • Motivated to achieve the best of their ability.
  • Encouraged to challenge themselves and each other in a positive way.
  • Encouraged to have high expectations and always to strive for the best.
  • Taught to care and respect themselves, other people and the environment.
  • Encouraged to have high aspirations and high standards.
  • Supported to extend their aspirations.

Our Staff:

We have a committed, motivated and inspiring team who give generously of their time and expertise here at the Academy and who are encouraged to maximise the potential of each and every student. We ensure our staff remain creative and motivated by ensuring they are well supported, encouraged to develop and extend their own professional careers where possible and by cultivating respect for each other.

Our Parents/Carers:

We are committed to working together with parents and carers as it is vital that we are all fully engaged in the academic and personal development of our students. This is not possible without the support and full engagement of the parents and carers of our students. We have a Parent Focus Group to ensure there is a working link between parents and the senior staff of the Academy and to allow their voice to be heard in the running of the Academy.

Our Governors:

We are supported by a strong governing body which plays a pivotal role in the development of our Academy. The rich diversity of expertise they bring allows the Academy to evolve and grow, ensuring we are offering the widest and best opportunities to our students. If you wish to contact the Chair of Trust, Dr John Moss, please write to him at the Academy’s address.

Learning to believe, learning to succeed.