Dover Christ Church Academy

Address: Dover Christ Church Academy, Melbourne Avenue, Whitfleld, Dover: Kent, CT16 2EG.
Tel: 01304 820126
Fax: 01304 821915

Principal: Sam Williamson
Chair of Governors: Kerry Jordan-Daus
Type of School: Academy, Mixed
Age Range: 11-19 Expected Roll: 950
Published Admission No. 150
LEA No. 886
DfES No. 6917
Expected intake for Year 7 2018: 150

Open Sessions and Appointments to view the Academy, at any time – please ring the school.

Information for Parents:
Dover Christ Church Academy opened in September, 2010 with an innovative curriculum and significant changes in operating systems designed to deliver a step up in the levels of student achievement.

Oversubscription Criteria:
If the number of preferences for the school is more than the number of places available, places will be allocated in the following priority order:-

  • Students in Public Care.

  • Students with specific educational or social needs evidenced by professional advice.

  • Current Family Association - a brother or sister already attending the School at the time of entry. In this context brother or sister means children who live as brother or sister in the same house, including natural brothers or sisters, adopted siblings, stepbrothers or sisters and foster brothers and sisters. If siblings from multiple births (twins, triplets, etc) apply for a school and the school would reach its Published Admission Number (PAN) after admitting one or more, but before admitting all of those siblings, the LA will offer a place to each of the siblings, even if doing so takes the school above its PAN

  • Nearness of children’s home to school. We use the distance between the child’s permanent address and the school, measured in a straight line using National Land and Property Gazetteer (NLPG) address point data. Distances are measured from a point defined as within the child’s home to a point defined as within the school as specified by NLPG. The same address point on the school site is used for everybody.

No places will be allocated on the basis of ability or aptitude. The Academy is a comprehensive school for young people of all abilities and backgrounds.

Supplementary Form Required: No

Pupils are eligible for free school transport if they live more than three miles away from their nearest school.

Waiting lists will be maintained up to January 2019

Entry to Post 16:

Students will be offered a place in the Post 16 subject to the following conditions:
  • That an appropriate course is available for the student.

  • That the student has achieved 5 A*-C at Level 2 and the entry requirement for the course chosen.

  • The student has shown a commitment to learning.

  • The student has a good behaviour record in Year 11.

If a student has failed on criteria 3 or 4 a conditional place may be made. Continued entry to the Post 16 will be dependant on the conditions of the place being met and will be reviewed in October of that academic year.

Any conditional place will require a contract to be drawn up and agreed by the Academy, student and parent. This will form the basis of the half-termly review. If the student fails to meet the agreed academic, behaviour, attendance or punctuality targets they will lose the right to their place in the Post 16.